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World Sleep Fighting Champions

Bedtime is a rollercoaster ride of book reading, screaming infants, lullabies, dilerious toddler babble, little fingers pinching flesh, and sleepy eyes that refuse to stay closed. The beautiful chaos that is bedtime... And I say chaos because these girls laugh in the face of routine, at least when it comes to sleeping. We often start off with some lavender or other oils after a bath, which gives us a first false hope that the reality of sleeping children is close by. They're relaxed calm and look exhausted from the day, looks like an easy win, right? Well, what's supposed to be another calm moment of story time can often be extended by the little one who wants to "read" on her own. At that point the smaller one MAY decide to be gracious enough to sleep. However, the real turn up is just beginning. The book closes, the lights dim and the toddler radio goes on, reporting all the people and things she's encountered for the day (even though she chose NOT to disclose this information when I asked how her day went much earlier🤷🏾‍♀️). Then comes the concert of every song she's ever heard from Monkeys Jumping on the Bed all the way to Bob Marley's Jammin. These moments are often peppered with her random jumping up out of resting position, turning herself upside down, pinching random pieces of my flesh, rolling all over the bed until her poor little body can no longer fight and she allows herself to sleep! At this point it's a toss up as to whether or not we finally have the night to ourselves, because sometimes it's like we're in the ring with the Steiner Brothers in a WWE tag team match, where Nia sleeps, we get Ji down and bam Nia wakes up. 🤦🏾‍♀️

If only they understood how precious sleep is.... #mommychronicles


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