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What's Going on in That Beautiful Mind?

It's pretty awesome when a child starts to articulate their thoughts. I often wonder what's going through their mind as those little eyes look so deeply at you, like they're looking into your soul. Or when they seem to taking in everything around them. My 2 year old occassionally gives us a glimpse although it would be nice if she could elaborate a little more. I'm assuming the past few days she's been understanding her concept of family? One morning she woke up and looked over to see if her sister was sleeping. "Is Nia sleeping? Wake up, Nia!" And just like that Nia got up and smiled right at her sister with those sleepy eyes. Ji throws herself on her sister and shouts, "We here, Nia! We here!" I ask where, because I want to know where were they before why they're so excited to be "here" so early in the morning lol. What's more interesting is at random times she'll grab her sister and yell "we're here, Nia! We're here". While they're playing and screaming around the house, "we're here!"... When getting Nia strapped in the carseat to go out, "we're here!"...Climbing up the steps for bathtime "we're here!" At this point I have to just accept they're here, because neither one will tell me where or where they came from! Apart from that she almost had us crying at the dinner table the other evening. As we are eating Ji looks up and just says "my family! Give me a hug guys!" And stretched those little arms wide for everyone to bring it in. I have no clue what prompted her to want that team hug and the 4 consecutive ones that followed but it was lovely. I would love to get access to how these little people see the world. I sometimes wonder if it's anything like Baby Geniuses, Rugrats, Boss Baby or something.



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