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We got Beef over Chicken

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Ji is extremely quiet and cautious when it comes to new environments and new faces. But she's completely different once she's in her element. At home and with her cousins and family she is pretty vocal and opinionated. She has a cousin 5 years older than her and the two of them are thick as thieves. It's pretty amusing to hear some of their conversations especially as Ji has been learning to talk. Some time ago I think they were discussing Puppy Dog Pals, but Ji called it Puppy Pals. Bry, her older cousin kept correcting to no avail. Then she tried to break it down.

Bry: Ji say PUPPY

Ji: Puppy

Bry: Say dog

Ji: Dog

Bry: Say Pals

Ji: Pals

Bry: Good! Say Puppy Dog Pals

Ji: Puppy Pals!

I admire her firm stance on what she believes. It's hard to get her to budge.

Fast forward to Nia's party, where one of my cousin's children popped a balloon, that no one knew she reserved for her cousin, Bry. Needless to say she was infuriated, but not how we expected. She step up to her older cousin, pointing and sternly scolding him.

"LITTLE BOY! Why you do that?! Why you pop Bry Bry balloon?" The poor child, who was older AND bigger, was taken back and all he could say was "stop calling me little boy". By that time Ji's father stepped in trying to calm her fury and told her her cousin's correct name.

But that didn't matter. AT ALL....

Pointing with even more conviction, "Daddy, that little boy broke Bry Bry's balloon! He is rude!" At that point she just had to be walked away to cool off.

Even though Ji was ready to battle for her cousin, she was ready to go toe-to-toe with her cousin over... chicken... 🤦🏾‍♀️

In all fairness, Ji didn't nap, I was finishing her hair and her eyes were trying to work against her. The girls were eating chicken tenders and veggies and Ji appeared to be done with her meal. There were a couple pieces left and her cousin, Bry wanted more. I told her she could finish it, but as Bry put the last piece in her plate, Ji's head pops up and she starts to fuss, "Noooo! You took my CHICKEN!" I reminded her she told me she was finished and there was still food in her plate. Her response, again with that strong finger point, "Bry you gimme back my chicken! You! put. the. chicken. in. my. plate!" At that point I couldn't do anything but laugh because she had the spirit of Deebo in a baby's body and I KNOW she was not hungry.

I gotta figure something out with this brolic child of mine...

Complete madness.. what is it with chicken that has everyone going nuts?



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