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Toddler Twilight Zone: The Unpaid Internship

I once heard someone say that they were going to their unpaid internship when stating they were going home. I thought that was a clever way to put it, especially since I go home to 2 bosses who tend to have very short patience and expect their tasks be completed on demand. My job typically includes being available at all hours of the night and morning, being able to cook specialty meals, think quick on my feet to avoid destruction, mid to heavy lifting on demand, eating /drinking imaginary or shared food, etc. My managers don't seem to care much if I am tired or appear to have competing priorities. It actually becomes a HUGE issue if I am unable to accommodate their requests.

I'm sure you've all guessed by now that I'm talking about my 1.5 and 3 year old. They are some tough cookies, but I'm lucky they haven't really thrown a tantrum in public so far. However, home is their ruling domain, where all the madness happens; especially when that tired pre- bedtime mayhem starts. It's like being in the twilight zone and it always seems to hit when I'm tired/ running on fumes myself.

Dinner time is that hopeful light at the end of the tunnel, it's the hope that the delicious meal you've prepared or selected with love will warm hearts and tummies in such a way that bed time is irresistible. But nope that's not necessarily the case. On the table was some of the girls favorite pasta and in the middle of eating, my eldest sits back and starts to complain that she doesn't want to eat what's in her plate.

I asked her what she would prefer, even though the food she had were her options. She said she wanted an apple for dinner. I tried to convince her to have some more of her pasta and the apple will be for dessert and she had a melt down.. flailing and crying for an apple! I could not believe it.

There's been quite a few scenes at the dinner table and normally it would be Nia fighting to get out of the high chair. This time around, I may have forgotten to buckle in one side of her seatbelt and mid meal she started to climb out. I tried to get her buckled in and that is when the struggle ensued. So there I was trying to restrain a toddler baby thrashing every which way, while trying to keep the food from the floor, and I hear, "mommy STOP, mommy STOP!" My 1 YEAR OLD threw her head back and called out "Aleh-HA teh mommy STOP!" [Translation- Alexa tell, mommy to stop]

No but where on earth does SHE get off trying to put ME on pause?!

If only I could sic Alexa on the two of them. The nerve!



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