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They Won't Let us be Great?

Warning some may find this post to be graphic, but what isn't graphic when you're raising kids right?

So, in the wake of my first born's third birthday, I've taken some time to reflect on how my life has been beautifully transformed by my little ones. I have to take a moment to say the moments they entered this earth felt as tho I traversed the earthly and ancestral plane to return with angels. From the moment I saw them I thanked God for their presence. It feels like they've been in my life all along and life before them is a distant memory. However, there are moments when I try to reclaim my former life and I'm quickly reminded who I am now. You have your simple reminders like MESS , in all the lovely rooms you've designed, decorated or constantly tidy. Or having to switch up the feng shui of the room to accommodate pack and plays, toys, diaper bins, etc. And certainly not least, having to move decor pieces out of toddler reach or monitor plants for missing leaves. Therefore, your beautiful attempt at an HGTV inspired decor is thwarted.

Another reminder, can be my body periodt (or whatever those younger hot summer folks say). I can try to be cute with v-neck or lower cut shirts, but if I'm with my munchkins that just means stretched shirt necks or hands constantly shoved in my chest, regardless of where we are and who's around. It happens so much I have to remember it's not really "normal".

Then there's moments when I might think I'm still cute with some short shorts or high waisted pants to cover up the little extra belly, and my daughter feels I should be styled otherwise. I was minding my own business washing dishes in some relatively short shorts and feel a hand tugging at the bottom of them. I turn to see my daughter and ask her what's up, and she continues to pull at them telling me she's fixing my pants because they're too small for me. I didn't know I needed another mother but hey! I know a lot of us women have those favorite pants or jeans that come high enough to give that extra support and shape we like so we can sport the crop tops or shorter shirts with extra swag. I kinda gave up in that dream for now, because whenever my daughter is standing in front of me she feels the need to reveal my belly as if it's calling her for liberation or something. 🙄 While we're on that note, I guess for vain reasons I don't really want my belly exposed, whether it be stretchmarks, a little fupa or whatever. It's easy to notice the difference or what you perceive to be "negative" about your body when in reality it's a vessel you've been blessed with to travel this earth. And more specifically for moms it's a miracle site with perfect imperfections. It's not easy to remember when you think you're looking extra cute and a little person comes and flashes your gut, but it's life. Moments like these often catch myself getting ready to say, "these kids won't let me be great!", but I find that it's who I've become with them that's already allowed me to be great. They're the inspiration and life behind this platform, and they constantly teach me to embrace the journey.

I'm grateful for my girls. They are why I am great.



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