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The time I lost the hair Olympics

Combing a toddler's hair should be an Olympic sport. I'd like to think my contortions and struggles could be on a professional level like Simone Biles or something. But in all seriousness it is always a challenge, whether it's talking her through it, literally running with her while trying to put a handful of hair in a ponytail, or more recently, her pulling out her hairstyle as I am almost done styling it. These Toddziller moments can be appalling. I definitely had a moment of despair after that one. Another afternoon of hair day, I tried to convince her to "comb" my hair and then I'd comb hers. She gladly styled my hair, which was more like being chopped in the head with a comb and brush and then asked her if I could do her hair nicely in return. She got up and said "It's nap time. Please turn off my yights(lights)". đź‘€. I had so many questions, Like: THIS is what it takes to get you to like nap time? You think you can play me this easily, we both know you're not napping? Wait a minute YOUR LIGHTS?!

I needed a time out to gather myself after that


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