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The Revolution Will NOT Be Pacified!

I know it has been a while. I have been borderline dilerious trying to juggle work, kids, life, everything in all honesty. So I hope this post finds you well. I may have mentioned it before but just to reiterate EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT. My darling baby #2, Nia, has such a personality. She's such a fearless little person, she wants to be heard, she wants to move without constraints. She is NOT a fan of bouncers, rockers, carseats and/or high chairs. Yes, the car seat thing tends to make for interesting road trips, although she's gotten better and will mellow out if some of her tunes are played. And she's never been a fan of pacifiers. Now that her teeth are coming in we have tried to find all sorts of remedies for her to get relief from the growing pains. Food has been somewhat of a help. She often doesn't want to be left out of chewing (in her case gumming down food). The other night she certainly snatched a chicken wing from her dad and refused to part ways with it. However, she just won't accept the teething rings and pacifiers! She is still breastfed at night and has decided that will serve as her opportunity to bite and sooth. 😳🥴.. Well one evening we tried to get her off and give her a nice cold pacifier, she bit on it and I thought it fell out. So this time her dad gave it back to her and she shot him the dirtiest look, took out the pacifier, stared him in his face and released the pacifier to the ground... then proceeded to yell. I promise you it felt like everything happened like an NFL instant replay. As the pacifier fell to the ground my hopes and dreams of being freed from a sharp half toothed baby hanging from my chest came crashing down. Of course she twisted and turned her little body in my direction and I knew it was over. I had to resume my role as human pacifier.



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