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The Mango Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

The amazing thing about raising children is seeing how much of a reflection they are of you. Their personalities and mannerisms often lead us through moments of wondering "where did they get that from? Not me!", or "was that me when I was younger?", or "yep that is definitely me". There are many moments where their father and I debate whose face, smile, walk, attitude our girls have. Then there are times I feel I'm looking in a mirror, like today for example. We were snacking on some fruit and Ji gets a piece of mango, stares at it for a moment while it sits in her little hands and quietly says, "mmmm...... I LOVE mango" and sighs. It was at that moment I just apologized to her, because I knew my personal excitement, happy dances and appreciation for my favorite foods are the reason for that outward (and possibly dramatic) love for her snack. Whether she's personally seen me do it or not I cannot deny that I most likely passed that along to her. But I can't blame her, she has good taste and mango makes me happy too.

Sorry Little Mirrors, you didn't stand much of a chance



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