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Tales From the Bed

Hey guys. It has been a WHILE! I've missed you, have you missed me? Well I'm gonna level with you. I've been struggling. Like STRUGGLE-ING... The past couple weeks have not been easy at all! As fall brings a new season filled with changing leaves, pumpkins, apples, layered fashion, Halloween for some, new horror shows others, it also brings a special kind of horror feature called VIRUSES and COLDS.

Yes, that is what took me, by way of my preschooler, down like I was jumped by Errol Spence, Keith Thurman and Evander Holyfield all at once. I know it sounds dramatic, but people, it's already a nightmare when the babies are sick, because they are limited in describing their symptoms, and you're just trying everything you can think of to fix it. It just becomes downright traumatizing when your energy is depleted by the same thing you're fighting for the kids.

So here I am steaming, Vicksing (it becomes a verb when it's used like West Indians do to combat colds), sucking out boogers taking names, creating my own apothecary of smoothies and healing supplements to get my babies better and BAM it gets me.

The amazing thing is as stuffy as they were, as many coughs as I heard, they still were energetic, playing, and at moments still fighting sleep can you believe it?!

I couldn't because I lost my voice, was crazy congested to the point where my equilibrium would be disrupted and just needed SLEEP. If you have been reading previous posts you already know that sleep is my long lost friend who I meet occasionally and for periods much shorter than I would like. I value my friend, but my children don't.

So needless to say the week was spent chasing the girls to give them their medicine and fight myself to stay awake to put them to sleep.

And honestly, there were moments where I lost and moments where I lost it. I think I was trying to give the girls their medicine and both of them were refusing it. Eventually I took Nia to the mirror played a little game and she had hers. Moved on to the elder one, and she wanted to run around the room, flip on the bed and refuse her dosage.

Fed up, I stood still and told her, "Look at me good, either you will take this and drink it or I'll just pour it down your throat."

Strangely enough all the antics stopped she took the cup from me and had her medicine and the bed time struggle ensued.

Honestley, they weren't as physically active as they typically are, but Ji had some interesting tales to tell to delay her sleep.

The thing that got me is these tales would come sporadically, when I thought she was off to sleep. Eyes half closed her head would turn and I'd hear:

"The tv ate the toilet. You gonna have to get a new one... At the store, Mommy"

"My teacher named him Charles. He's a costume. He didn't sit down so she put the costume in the bag"

"I'm a girl, your a girl that means daddy's a boy and grandma's a girl and Grandpa is a boy... but Grandpa is fresh." I take the bate, "why is he fresh, Baby?" "Because he's like water," my daughter replied.

I don't quite know what to make of all these stories, but all I know is I certainly felt as tho I was part of a Tales from the Crypt, Hood, or Twilight Zone. Longing to sleep, for the kids to sleep and rest through the night, but in the darkness constantly hearing a little voice, sniffle, fidget rupture the silence of the night.

I'm just glad all of us feeling better. Good luck to those fighting any of those God forsaken colds or viruses. Hope you all had a nice Halloween and remember to eat your fruits, veggies, and wash your hands, these viruses didn't come to play.



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