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So, about Santa

I've never been a fan of the Elf on a Shelf or the "if you don't do... Santa won't bring you gifts". I always felt it was preposterous until I had children of my own. I think this is probably because NONE of that took place in my household growing up.

We listened/ followed instruction because we were supposed to and wanted to avoid adverse consequences. Gifts at Christmas wasn't really a discussion point or bribe, most Christmases we kinda were asked last minute and got what we got. For me I always enjoyed Christmas and it wasn't really centered on a gifts in the sense of me having requests and them fulfilled, but the excitement of just opening a gift was enough. A lot of the excitement was more so the decorating, music, time with family and food. Honestly, as a little girl I remember inspecting the vent over our stove, never quite reconciling how a plump bearded man broke into our home to deliver gifts, through a chimney. Certainly that vent would be the only way to the chimney on our house. So Santa, was never a big thing for us as it related to Christmas.

Now fast forward decades later to me with busy bodied 2 year old and 4 year old daughters, in the midst of a pandemic, my husband and I working full time along with other endeavors.

There are moments when its tough to get these kids on board to comply with certain things, especially when trying to stray away from corporal punishment, constant yelling, etc. Honestly, this happens mostly when bed time is around the corner and as you know from my other posts that can be a WHOLE production and a half.

Through the upcoming holiday specials, friends, etc. the girls have been introduced to the concept of Santa and how brings gifts for obedient children, etc. Honestly, we've never had that discussion with them because I don't like the feeling of "bribing" my kids to behave. I tend to lead with the consequences, you know " you'll break your neck if", "you'll buss up your face when.." or "I don't hear anything you say, when you don't behave well". Now is it more effective? I have no clue, I'm just winging it day by day.

Nonetheless, the Santa narrative made its way to the girls and in the midst of a whole "clean up" session Jianne registered the frustration from us and actually cleaned, while Nia started throwing around what we've tidied.

Jianne tells her sister, "Stop making a mess! Santa will be very mad and throw the gifts at you!"

Nia, the 2 year old rebutted with, "No he's not, because I am going to get the fire and throw it in his eye!"

Well that was enough to stop me in the middle of my work. It certainly wasn't how I envisioned the Santa discussion going. I knew I had to interject, but I had no clue where to start. For one Santa, nor anyone for that matter should have "fire thrown in their eye". Two, I didn't know Santa threw gifts. Three, I was actually nervous for Santa. I'm not sure if it was because she was near from the fire place, the thought flashed across my mind. I had to find a way to clean up this Santa and gift mess.

I started explaining how such a threat would be harmful to anyone let alone Santa and I didn't have anything else. I thought about consulting the Elf on the Shelf or something along those lines, but I realized none of that mattered. I asked her if she wanted to get presents and she told me "no". Where does one go from there? She just annihilated what was supposed to be the trump card.

Well fast forward we made it to Christmas and we will see how the little one feels about presents and Santa then. Happy to use any Elf on the Shelf, how not to kill Santa 101 reading/ research material if you have recommendations. :)

I hope you all are having a healthy, happy and sane Christmas and holiday season. I hope to catch you up on some of our recent adventures. Until then much love...



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