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Save Us From the Boogoo Monster

The little ones are under the weather, but still in good spirits. So the days have been filled with wiping runny noses, suction boogers (we call them boogoo), and pumping the little ones with extra fruits, greens, garlicky things. Well, in the process of getting breakfast ready, Ji runs over demanding a tissue, which I thought was for herself, but she walked back to her sister's highchair to wipe her nose, and Nia let her do it without complaint. 😮 Normally, when I wipe her nose, this baby nearly backflips trying to stop me from getting to her nose and that's just wiping. Now suction time is a whole drama. 🤦🏾‍♀️ There's crying, wiggling, screaming, squirming, etc. It's an awful task, but it must be done. Needless to say it's a fight with the both of them. In the midst of Nia screaming, Ji is standing with the Macaulay Culkin face, " oh no! Nia! Oh no!". At that point I guess she had enough because she ran over and snatched the aspiration (aka suction thingy) from my hand. I also realized Ji often finds it when it's not in use and tends to move it around. Hence why I have trouble locating it easily.



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