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Pokemon! I Can't Catch Them at All...

I feel like my youngest is like a Pokemon. She's cute, cuddly, you can pick her up and go, but transforms when she's ready to battle. You know how Pikachu walked around saying, "Pika pika?" Well Nia sometimes walks around the house in that little 2ft tall body saying "Nia bia bia bidabia bia!" On occasions it's gently and others it becomes pretty aggressive. It's pretty entertaining because this often happens when she's waddling around the house, mostly on her way to some form of mischief. That little body moves so quickly for such short bowed legs and the hands are even quicker. The moment you turn your head she ends up climbing the stairs or pops up with her hands in something. The moment you take that something from her, it's like being in battle with a Pikachu. A war cry of sorts rings out and you would swear lightning is striking from somewhere, and you find yourself using an unexpected amount of strength to pry items from her hand.

Does it end there? Nope! Of course there's dramatics. Sometimes she stands up, close her eyes, throw her head back and cry. More recently she's raised bother hands to the heavens as if to receive some offering, then cover her eyes as tho she's soo stressed. (The drama is real, these babies are stressed out here).

However, her go to is to cuss you out in her Babynese language. Those bright brown eyes narrow, eyebrows tightened, and some aggressive sounding language is spewed from her little mouth while she's pointing at me or whoever's angered her. Meanwhile, we have no clue what she's saying, but we know it's spirited and most likely not good. Sometimes we'll have a form of discussion and I'll let her know I'll not allow that kind of back talk, but she is a fiery one. What she cant communicate in words she demonstrates with the side eye and waddle offs (because those walks are still waddles😊).

I tell you these girls are something else. I don't know how these little people have so much attitude. You want to go back and forth with them, but you have to be the bigger person, because you're the parent or whatever...

Pray for me and little Pikachu folks #mommychronicles


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