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Peppa, YouTube & Songs on Repeat

I'm an 80's baby/90's kid so one could argue that I tow the line of being a pure "Millennial" but anywho, my main point is our source of entertainment was a bit different. There were no smart phones, no social media, and certainly no YouTube. For entertainment there were board games, dolls, video games and we actually liked to play instead of watching others play.

So it is interesting to grow up seeing the shift and the inception of these inventions that we now can't live without.

I'm often baffled that my two year old knows how to open apps on the phone and changes YouTube videos to her liking. It's also interesting/ scary how quickly she picks up on what she sees and hears around her and through these virtual encounters, which leads me to my next thought....

Why is Peppa Pig so intriguing to these kids?! Why do kids love seeing hands open and mold random things?! AND why do the sing a long programs have addicting, and sometimes questionable songs???

I'm a little bit of a germaphobe which is a hilarious thing having small children. They've been breaking me out of it, BUT I am not handling Peppa Pig and her muddy puddles well.

Somehow Peppa has appealed to my child and created an infatuation with puddles. Which means milk spills / food messes ...become muddy puddles, missed potty incidents ...become muddy puddles, clothes and/or sheets she's pulled down ....becomes muddy puddles. And Mommy dislikes both mess and muddy puddles so I'm over Miss Peppa.

I actually tried to cancel Peppa in my household and it worked.... For all of 2 weeks. Her dad decided to put it back on one day whe she was restless.

Oh and no it did not stop the muddy puddles, if you're wondering.

To be continued...



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