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One Good Thing About Music

About two weeks ago we talked about my children's obsession with Bob Marley. However, we love music in general. One way we shake off excitement from the day is have a "jam session", where we turn up the speakers and vibe out to some tunes. During those moments I try to play songs other than "he who shall not be named"aka Bob Marley .

We have what some would say a very random, but I like to say eclectic, choice in music. The playlist can include anything from Shabba Ranks to Coldplay, Machel Montano, Kirk Franklin, Wale, Barbara Lewis, Masego, and the list goes on.

Of course the girls have their favorites. Apart from "Iron, Lion, Zion" by none other than the late great Bob, we currently have Famalay by Skinny Fabulous, Queen Tings by Masego, Nobody Man by Sevana, Dumebi by Rema, and I Will Bless the Lord by Byron Cage in heavy rotation. I know it's all over the place.

However, I try to throw in some new songs to the mix, either from my own selfishness or from dread of hearing the same thing a million times.

Personally, I've been feeling Burna Boy's music and have tried to sneak a song or two in. I played "Anybody" and Ji seemed to stop and nod her head with such concentration. Then about halfway through the song she asks me, "who is this, mommy?" I told her it was Burna Boy.

She continued to nod her head, then says, "Did Burna Boy go on the stove?"

I was totally caught off guard and could only muster up "he probably did, baby. You might be right" 🤦🏾‍♀️

Then during a different jam session, I decided to play Sorry by Justin Bieber and she just flat out hit me with an interrogation.

Ji: "Who is this, Mommy?" "Why is he sorry? Who did he hit?"

Me: "It's Justin Bieber, he didn't hit anyone, why do you - "

Ji: "Then why he say sorry?"

Me: "Beacuse he was mean to his friend"

Ji:" Why he was mean? What his friend name?"

Me: "I dont know, but he's saying sorry to his friend"

Ji: "He tell his friend sorry?"

Me: "Yes this song is to tell his friend he is sorry"

By that time the song ended and she asked to hear it again. I wasn't so sure I was ready to hear it again at that point.

I just put on Bob Marley to avoid further interrogation.



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