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Oh what a night

Why is bed time always a wild adventure. If only these small humans really understood the value of sleep. We're in the process of putting the girls down to sleep and all of us are tucked in the bed. Ji decides she wants to play "under", where everyone hides under the sheet and she can look for all of us. This time myself and Nia didn't go under and I hear Ji tell her father to sing Old MacDonald. Like the poor hostage he was, he began to sing, " Old MacDonald....had a farm..." then a scream came from under the thick comforter followed by a laugh from a small person. Then laughter from the big person who screamed. What happened under there? Well apparently Ji tickled her father mid song...smh Finally all the excitement dies down, everyone is tucked in, quietly resting, ready for bed, right? Well, my precious first born turns her head says "oh! I just remembered", kicks off her blanket and dives towards the bottom of the bed. Literally belly flopping onto the sheets by our feet.

Why she did it? I dont know.. delirium maybe. I just don't understand why she doesn't sleep before it comes to this.



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