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Not Hair for it...

Nothing is ever straight forward with a toddler, except for them giving their unfiltered thoughts... So hair time also an exciting adventure. There are often negotiations, sometimes crying, acrobatics, fatigue, and more. I have to find all kinds of creative ways to do my older daughter's hair. The little one is way more belligerent, so I have to wait until she's sleeping and proceed like an agent disabling a bomb or something. The big one, Ji, doesn't allow that luxury, but sometimes gives me glimmers of hope that we can have a fun hair day. I mean she did take it upon herself to douse her hair in shampoo that one time and sat quietly in a corner massaging hair oil into sections of her hair. We even watched a music video where she was randomly taken by the artist's hairstyle. She stared at the screen saying, "Wow, Mommy, I love her hairstyle." I had to collect myself because she's still 2 and said it as clear and proper as day. I then realized I needed to snap out of it and seize the opportunity! So I asked her if she would let me comb her hair just like in the music video, and she said "yes!"...

I was shown otherwise once it was hair time. I mean, I've chased her, pleaded with her, tried to coax her and tell her how we could make her hair as pretty as she is and you know what my 2 year old did? She looked me in my face and told me "my hair IS BEAUTIFUL, Mommy" and turned to walk away. I could only respond yes it is, secretly proud of her, praying she keeps that same confidence throughout her life. HOWEVER, I needed to tame that beautiful hair of hers. So I tried to explain to her that her hair is beautiful and that's why we need to put it in a pretty hairstyle and Ji replies, "No, thank you"🤦🏾‍♀️. At that point the negotiations are over and my free workout starts, because the two of us are running through the house together while hair IS getting combed. The thing that gets me is she's not tenderheaded, I think she just doesn't want to sit still. I know you're probably thinking, "duh! She's a toddler!" But in my mommy mind I can't have my child go out looking like a ragamuffin, and if she would sit still we'd all be done much faster. One night, she decided she would sit for a bit, but became impatient with the parting (which is the most stressful part for me, if I'm honest). In the middle of me parting across her head she grabs another comb, slides it through her hair and says, "see! That was easy!" And I'm just baffled, because when I do it in a much gentler way, you would think I'm killing her. I mean at this point I'm not too far from letting her do her hair herself and let the results be what they may🤷🏾‍♀️. What do you guys do to make hair time easier? #mommychronicles


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