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No, NO, No...

So I personally never like the word "no". It's difficult for me to use it as a sentence (I've been working on that), but I REALLY dislike hearing it aggressively shouted from small children. It's always been a strange thing for me since I was small. I'm still trying to figure out why. I know I'm weird. I recently realized with my little one I framed my sentences in a way where I avoided just yelling "no"... "Hey! Not in your mouth! That's not food." "Excuse me! Where's your coloring book and paper? That's where we draw." "Hello! Bring yourself over here! You know we don't do that!"

So you can imagine my surprise when my child first told ME "no"! I know I sound crazy, but it was the tone at first. I couldn't conceptualize how a 2 year old could respond with such a dry "no" as if she were a teenager being bothered by an uncool mom trying to be cool. In all fairness, I asked her, "don't you want to moisturize your dry mouth with some water?" And rightfully so I got the side eye and a "no".... The difference was when I started hearing "no, no, no I don't like it, eww". 🙄

I found that some of the newer singalongs on YouTube include this so called song, which made its way to my daughter and I was not a fan. It wouldn't be used in protest of veggies or bath time. But more so any other random thing she doesn't want to do/ stop doing or if she was finished eating. So lately we've been working on converting that to "no thank you" or just simply following instructions if possible?... and trying to find slick ways to skip that no no no video because that's #cancelled over here.



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