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Little Minnie Riperton

Every child cries of course, but I learned quickly no two babies cry the same. Nia doesn't talk yet but she has a ton of personality loudly displayed with her serious faces and side eyes, huge gummy smiles, demonstrative cries. And now...Screams... These are not just little yells. No, Nia gets into her upper register with the likes of Minnie Ripperton, Mariah Carey, etc just without following a pretty melody. If her spoon to mouth speed isn't fast enough... "ahh", if we're moving around and she is in a chair/crib immobilized... "ahh!", if I don't get myself together fast enough for bedtime feedings..."aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

But today, oh this evening in a calm tone, while pulling on her toes she says, "Ha, Dada"!

Can you believe it? I can't... just calmly looking at her dad saying "Da da".... after those long 40 weeks and a day in my body???



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