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Life is Like a Volleyball?

The other day the Mr. And I decided to do a weekend getaway. Work was becoming overbearing, the little little one was teething, edges were gone, things just were helter skelter and we just needed a chance to reset. So, the princesses stayed with their grandparents and we hopped on a plane to Florida for some sun and R&R. One reason I wanted to write this is to share how important it is to take some time for yourself AND some time for yourself and your partner, when you have kids. It's so easy to get caught up trying to get a smooth routine going (which doesn't happen for us), trying to see how you can do next week better, get the kids to sleep, meal prep/eat healthier, work out (lol), juggle work, family, and some form of a social life. Some things just end up taking a hit and a lot of times it's yourself and your partner. It's almost like being on a volleyball team. We're just trying to keep the ball in the air even when it's getting spiked... into our face... But anywho, the main point is to find a way to get some time alone. It is essential! It removes you from the "can you do..." version of yourselves and sometimes help you to come back refreshed so you can be better for yourself and your family.

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Yes, the short trip was awesome and much needed. There's some sort of healing power in the sun and water, but I digress. On our way back home, our flight was delayed for about an hour and a half, some one threw up at the gate, and once we got on the plane the crew told us there were additional delays due to maintenance issues. It was quite the day and we just wanted to get back home to our babies. Crew members tried to be pleasant, and passengers didn't care. There was one little passenger in particular who seemed to keep his composure until we were about 20 minutes away from landing. A lady a few rows in front of us was traveling with her 2 year old son who seemed to lose his cool when it came time for him to sit on his own with his seatbelt buckled. Now I wasnt directly behind them, but could somewhat see the mother struggling to keep her son seated while he screamed in displeasure. An elderly Asian woman sitting next to me didn't speak much English, nudged me and motioned with a strong grandmotherly finger to somehow get the pack of fruity Mentos to them. The attempt was unsuccessful and the child continued to cry and scream. At this point it felt like the whole plane was watching. Some groans and chatter started to rise and the mother started to cry. It was tough because the seatbelt light was on and we wanted to help her. I'm not sure who the passenger was along side her, but we knew all too well how a toddler's temperament can change and also be difficult, ESPECIALLY in limited spaces. I wished I was sitting closer to see if in someway a tag team distraction could help. Unfortunately, the distance between us didn't help.

Once we got off the plane we tried see if we could find them and finally caught up her. We did and when we stopped her she was still so upset. I told her we were on her flight and she immediately started apologizing and we stopped her, to let her know it is okay. No apologies needed and that it's easier said than done, but she should not feel embarrassed, as she is not alone in her experience. Children are not robots and if adults can be disgruntled and upset about an overextended trip in a confined space of course children would be. So we understood the feeling of being overwhelmed. It didn't feel like much, but she did smile and I hope it helped somewhat.

We often see and hear the cute and funny side of our experiences, but it is NOT easy. However, it is a lovely experience and one where support and a village is much needed.

So if you're out there feeling overwhelmed with life, you are not alone! If you see someone who seems overwhelmed, be kind. You never know how you can touch a person's life.

Love and Light #mommychronicles


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