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Let She Stay...

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

This one is short and sweet. I'm always baffled by my child's come backs. She's quick on her feet and it's kinda of ridiculous how she has so much talk and is still learning to talk!

A little background, we're of West Indian decent, my side is Jamaican, and my husband's is Jamaican and Guyanese, so there are moments where accents, dialects and sentence can get interesting.

The other night, I'm rounding kids up for dinner. And the little one, Nia, decided she wants to keep playing. She is running and hiding from me, and when I finally get to her this transpired:

Me: Come on Nia, let's go!

Ji: No, Mommy. Let she stay

Me: Let she stay! Let she stay? You just came here from Georgetown, Old Lady?

Ji: Yes.

Me: Stefan!!!!!! Come get your child! Ji: Yes Daddy, I came from "Georgetung"

Who is this child?!



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