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"Lawd ah mercy" - Jianne, 3

I'm in the girls' room folding clothes, while Jianne is "helping". Then I hear a little loud voice from the other room followed by footsteps. With each quick pitter patter a little voice is squealing "Winky Tooooooooeeeeeee!" and into the room comes a naked baby/ 2 year old.

"Why are you naked?", I asked.

"Betause... I pee pee", she replied.

In that moment I think my emotions ranged from fear, to Sweet Brown, to indifference.

Fear that there was a big mess of pee to clean up awaiting in the next room; that internal Sweet Brown proclamation, "ain't nobody got time for that"; then the question of do I really need to deal with this?

A high pitched "Oh my goodness! Why does Nia have a naked bottom?!" snapped me out of it. The truth was yes, I had to deal with it. The next few minutes we ended up chasing her all throughout upstairs to get her dressed. And to this day I haven't learned what a "Winky Toe" is. If you are aware, please shed some light on me.

And on that note, how is your Covid season going?

I know it's been a little while since you all have heard from me, but I hope this post finds you well. As a lot of you already know juggling little ones, careers, significant others, let alone yourself takes up time and ENERGY! I feel like there are so many more little adventures I have to fill you in on, so I'll try to get back on track with our weekly posts.

To be honest, I think I started this post a couple months ago and had some form of encouragement to stay inside and help stop the spread, but now we're at the point where I hope you all are just well from both a physical and mental health perspective and being safe when you do go out.

I'm hoping that all of us can do our part to help this virus die down so we can be outside more freely. My toddlers are over it and not only have they started to form a Coup against my husband and myself, but they're just going for moments of pure mayhem.

So I really want to know, Mamas, Daddies, how you feeling, are ya'll alright?

Being home the past 4 plus months in my case, has been full of interesting conversations and the discovery of some huge personalities in little people. Okay you caught me, I already knew about these big personalities, but it is certainly exacerbated when we're in such constant close corners. I'm grateful for the chance to see these little ones transform in the matter of months into full blown, clear conversational toddlers / little kids. Sometimes I forget they're 2 and 3, because they love to jump in my conversations or give me advice. I think they think they're raising me.

They make tons of mess around the house regularly, but heaven forbid I drop a little ice from the fridge... Jianne is somewhere watching, "Lawd ah merc[mercy], look at this mess, you made a mess Mommy"

Myself or their dad in conversation about someone or some circumstance driving us crazy, Jianne imparts her words of wisdom, "Who drive you crazy, you don't let anybody drive you."

I step out the room or start walking upstairs for something, Nia yelling as though I'm on a plane and she's left behind on a tarmac from some dramatic movie, "MOMMY! Where are you?!"

Us trying to watch a funny video or meme, in come both children, "why are you laughing? what you watching?"

It's one thing that Cocomelon, Endless Reader, and Disney movies have taken up our entertainment space, but we have to have some moment of enjoying grown up funnies, shows or whatever you want to call it. I mean if they went to bed at night we'd maybe have for time to enjoy these luxuries, but who am I to ask for a 9 maybe 9:30 sleep time?

I mean these girls are awesome and whatnot, but how do I engage the mute or pause button? I may have lost the manufacturer's instructions.



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