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Kids do the darnedest things... an introduction

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

It's only fair to give a brief introduction to myself and my family. My husband Stefan and I have 2 daughters, a 2 year old we affectionately call Ji and 6 month old, named Nia. For the first few months we had the pleasure of juggling "2 under 2". What has that meant for us? Well apart from sleepless nights, a lot of diapers, beautiful moments of sisterly bonding, chasing a child to put on or keep on a diaper/ pull ups, preventing the older one from trying to feed the younger one... I think you get the point. I has been an adventure so far. So much so that I felt I should chronicle some of these moments. The journey never ceases to amaze me and also help me to appreciate the simple things in life. Hopefully these posts might brighten your day, make chuckle, think or inspire you to share your experiences. Here goes nothing, welcome to #mommychronicles


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