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I Wanna Dance with Somebody

We were having some fun before bedtime playing some music, busting out a few moves... or at least I was. While trying to get the girls to expend some energy before the bedtime match I asked Ji to dance with me. You know what she said?! "No! 🖐🏾I ☝🏽do ☝🏽NOT☝🏽want ☝🏽to ☝🏽dance with you☝🏽! "(Yes, the little emojis are illustrative of her accentuating her words with those little hands of hers)

Can you imagine my horror? Like I was doing all the moves, a little Milli Rock here, that arm swinging floss dance, some boogie down, you know some of the new stuff mixed in with some of the old and she did not want to dance with ME?! Nia's little head is bopping all over the place and Ji tells her to stop and walks over to her dad and tells him to dance. I don't understand the disrespect. She wanted him to get up and dance while I was already dancing. Doing my best version of all these moves, actually generating heat and you want to make him get up so you can say "Go Daddy!" And dance with him?! Can you believe it?



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