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I've Got the Power

The weekends are normally an unbalanced seesaw of scrambling to do errands in preparation for the next week or just chilling with the family, which tends to include silly moments. That should explain (somewhat) what happened this weekend. We're getting ready for lunch and don't ask why but my husband starts playing the "I've got the power" (by Snap!) music video, which resulted in a battle of "90s" dance moves, maybe a couple violent neck thrusts and shoulder shrugs, and two mesmerised/ confused small children.

We finally sit down to eat and while eating Ji asks for juice, but when I gave her her cup she pushed it aside and said "No, no, no. No thank you" 🙄 "I need this one" And points to her father's cup. She takes the cup, sips and he takes the cup back and she looks at him and says "Daddy, it's Ji Ji's cup". #Deeboed He gives up giving her the cup. And some random moments later she says, "I've got the power"....



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