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Elf on the Shelf

It has been a while! I know to went on a bit of a hiatus, but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season! Ours was lovely, I took some time off work and was able to enjoy more time with my princesses and prepare for Christmas, etc.

Little bit of a random question for you guys: how do you parents keep up the charade of Santa, do gifts, and Christmas dinner? I'm glad their so little, because it was barely accomplished and I was exhausted!

This year was more interesting as Ji is just getting to hear more about Santa, etc. from school and form her own understanding of the commercialized version of Christmas. In her words Santa will come to our home on Christmas and say "hello, My Loves", then give out gifts.🤷🏽‍♀️ So it made this holiday even more fun, seeing her enjoy the Christmas magic of lights, the decor, and gifts.

On the other hand, I've acquired a little elf this year. No it's not an elf on the shelf. It's definitely the one who knows her level of cuteness and causes destruction. Yes my little walking, talking, dancing, ball of cuteness in human form, morphed into a real life elf on a shelf; causing mischief throughout the house when no one is looking.

I'll be honest, I didn't think my Christmas tree and decorations would make it, but it did. However, little Miss Nia was interested in trying to eat the lights, remove the ornaments and throw them like a little league softball.

The decorative apples from my festive candelabra have been pulled and bitten into. Mind you, I've had that piece for 5 years and this is the first time any part of it has been taken apart.

She didn't seem to be as interested in opening the presents as her sister, but was all for the festivities and her doll. Much unlike the elf on the shelf we know, Nia's holiday antics didn't end on Christmas.

There was the case of my cousin's missing airpods, which ended up hidden in the girls' bedroom, moments of her running through the house with random objects she has no business with, and the most horrifying moment of my life.... washing her hands in the toilet!

I was preparing breakfast and it was too quiet. I realized Nia was not in my peripheral line of vision. I stopped to look for her and to my horror she's in the bathroom by the toilet.

Now any other time, her sister and her would be "washing hands" in the sink and wasting soap. I'm not fond of the wasted soap but it works much better with my heart and blood pressure than this! I have no clue what voice spoke to her and said that was a good thing to do. Especially with me as her parent. I thought I would collapse right there, but as quickly as I could, I snatched her from the toilet removed her shirt with her toilet water drenched sleeves and lathered her with soap. I scrubbed her right there in sink. Praying out loud that I've attacked all germs and grossness she decided to put on herself.

I couldn't imagine what I did to deserve this test. During the rest of my "break" aka time at home, I think I had PTSD. Any second she left my line of vision and moment I thought I heard tiny steps, I'd jump up and call out "Nia what are you doing?!" So much so, that one evening I was in the closet putting things away and she comes behind me stretches both arms out and says "Mommy! Wha ha you doha?" [translated- what are you doing].

I dont know what to do with these little ones. They're lucky they're so cute and I love them more than anything.



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