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Child's Play: The Shift 

You ever just been TIRED? No, like REALLY tired, to the point where everything is what it is and you're barely on autopilot trying to get to the finish line? That tends to be when I just let chaos have it's way.

Yes, I said it. I have moments when I see the flames and look the other way, because it can be A LOT. There's something eerie about the evenings and it's not the shadows or the darkness, it's the shift in the energy of small children. When those cute little people should be worn out from the day's activities and ready to rest and cuddle...NOPE... it's time to turn up... like Lil Jon on steroids. They can make getting crunk look like a mild dinner party.

I mean some really outlandish behavior occurs when the girls should be ready to rest. I think somewhere between bathtime and bedtime The Shift happens. If you've checked out the "Little Minnie Riperton" post, you'll know that my youngest, Nia, loves to scream at what feels like the highest octave possible.

Lately, her and her sister have decided to go toe-to-toe or sometimes duet. It's like having a little drunk Mariah Carey and/or Ariana Grande in the house uncontrolled and showing off for the heck of it.

As if that's not exciting enough, there are moments when my 2 year old figures she should turn into Jacob Miller in 1978 and jump around the room instead of letting me get her pajamas on. And her little sister isn't any better, by the time we get Wiggles in her pajamas, I'm ready to sleep, but are the girls?

You guessed it...NO! There's stories about the day that I asked for and didn't get hours ago. There's requests to use the bathroom approximately 3 times before I realize I'm being played #becausepottytraining

Then there's the little one jumping up and finding it hilarious to tap her forehead on the headboard! Why? No really, why? It ends up being an involuntary game of wiggle out of grasp, climb, and use my head as doorknob... I mean sleep is so much easier and kinder to the body. But, nope! One would think Freddie Kruger is on the other side of their eyelids!

At this point I've layed down hoping my tiredness is contagious, they see how desperately I want to close my eyes and we all sleep. You're probably wondering if that works... I mean my eldest drifts off to sleep, but the little one has hit another level lately where she might cuddle or she might try and bite my face to make sure I'm with her for the ride. And to be honest sometimes I just let her have at it. Laying still, hoping she'd get bored and realize it's time to sleep, since I'm delirious and halfway to sleep myself.



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