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Child's Play: Let Chaos Have its way

Delirium, Exhaustion, Numbness...

Sometimes us parents/caregivers get to that point and that's when the chaos rages. Those are the moments when that beautiful Chaos will have its way.

For me I think they occur in two phases:

1. Where I'm sacrificing one level of madness for the greater good or achievement

2. I'm just flat out tired and just watching the house burn

Let's go over #1, shall we? You know how haircare days can be tumultuous at times. For Nia the whole process is always a fight, every step of the way, every single time, whether she's awake or sleeping. Ji on the other hand will sit still once she's distracted for a time.

I had to learn early on the hard way that a "quick" hair comb with a toddler is not realistic or smart, but I was in a rush to get out the door 🤷🏾‍♀️. I think I was pregnant at the time and I plopped her on my bathroom counter to comb her hair "quickly". In the midst she is twisting, turning, reaching grabbing for things while I'm tussling to put her hair in ponytails. At some point she started to sit still. Part of my mind wondered if she got tired of wrestling with me, but the part of my brain that knew better figured something was up. I was just happy I got a chance to finally comb her hair without much fight... so we had a moment of willful blindness, which led to a contaminated bottle of mouthwash.

To this day, I have no clue how she opened it and nope I never got the toothbrush out of the bottle. BUT! Her hair was nice and neat for the road.

The other instances where I sacrifice sanity is when I'm cooking. Sometimes I get lucky and Ji will help me, while the 2ft tall mischief maker roams the place looking for her next big takedown. Other times the two of them would collude and find mischief together leaving a bigger mess to clean after preparing meals.

One thing I don't understand is why do kids like flour and sugar?!

I'm cooking and only had my back turned for 15 seconds tops and BAM! I turn to see my two kids playing in my brown sugar in the middle of the floor, and Ji has the nerve to tell me, her sister and her are making sand castles!!

Just last night again she thought it was a good idea to open a small container of flour and "shtep" "shtep" around to make footprints🤦🏾‍♀️. It was at that moment (but for different reasons) that I transformed into my mom and ran my children out the kitchen.

The madness was too real and I figure it's because we're approaching that bedtime shift, which leads me to #2 I'm just flat out tired and just watching the house burn

You already know our whole bedtime shenanigans, but they never cease to amaze me with how they up the ante each time.

There was a moment in Nia's little life where she would just rest even while we fought to get Ji to sleep, but the whole game changed the minute she discovered how to use her legs. You know how alligators do the death roll? Well my child does a sleep roll, but won't sleep. God forbid you release your grip she may try to jump off the bed, pretend she's riding a donkey on your neck or chest if your lucky, or tap her head on the headboard 🙄.

Complete madness and yes there are moments where it's whatever, because your eyes are closing and they're still lit. My husband and I often separate them during bedtime because they feed off each other's energy.

We made the mistake trying to put them down together recently and that ended up with their dad half asleep, me on the edge of the bed watching them run in circles around the middle of their room in the dark 🤷🏾‍♀️

While they were falling over each other laughing, I couldn't help thinking, "Wow, this is my can I transfer my desperate desire for sleep and the understanding of how important it is to these two little girls"

I just had to let it rock, hoping they would tire themselves out. God knows I did NOT have the energy to wrastle (yes wrastle) with them.

If you're wondering, we eventually had to use the divide and conquer tactics to get some sleep.

One day they will understand. I hope



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