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Bullied by Babies

The other day my coworker told me how her 4 year old son tells her she's his queen and when she comes home he makes her a cup of coffee. Mainly for the opportunity to play with the Nspresso machine, but he asks her if she wants 1 or 2 packs and makes his mommy coffee after a long day. I thought that was so beautiful, because when I get home I see two little people running around. One will probably say "Mommy! Mommy!" And then go back to what she's doing and the little one will scurry over as quickly as she can to claim her rights to me.

Essentially, the little one now has 2 and a quarter teeth and she still likes nursing in the evening. And is VERY aggressive about getting her boob ("Boo Boos", as Ji calls them) time as soon as I get home. The minute she notices I'm home it should be her up, shirt down. Any deviation from the program results in shrieking/ yelling at one of the highest octaves I've encountered. I've tried to come in give hugs ask how the day was and this small child, who is not yet a year old, takes her tiny hand to grab my hand and move it off of her and on to my chest, motioning me to get the shirt down!

So I put my hand back to see if she was serious and do you know this child fought to remove my hand and then yell at me in her baby language?! The nerve! If you're wondering yes I did comply with her demands😔.

This is my evening routine.. I'm the coffee machine...ME... and SHE puts in the orders.

In a strange way I feel like she flaunts it and wants to put everyone on notice. Once she gets it, she needs to have both at the same time! A little sip from the left, little sip from the right, pulls her head back, look at her dad, laugh, grab, pinch and back to the drinking. It's like she does the #beforeiletgochallenge for babies.

Recently with those 2 and a quarter teeth she likes to clamp down and pull back which is ridiculously painful! Yes, this is my second child, but the first one stopped nursing once she got her teeth, but I digress. For some reason #2, Nia, thinks it's hilarious when I yelp out in pain and look at her. One day I told her the boobs go away if she does it again. My child looked at me smiled pretended to play nice AND did it again. So I put the Boo Boos away and she got upset. Out of nowhere comes Ji, "why you do that to my sister, Mommy?! That's not nice! Nia needs more Boo Boos". Saying all this while she comes to remove my boob from my shirt and give her sister access. I couldn't believe it. These girls jacked me for my body... again this time from the outside! I'm out here getting bullied by my babies...



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