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"Boo Boos"

So I am a breast feeding mama and I often pump at home whenever I can "steal" some time. The first time my eldest saw me pump she was concerned, but was quickly fascinated by the machine itself. So pumping became a time of avoiding dirty looks from her baby sister, who always wakes up or very vocally shows discontent when I do 🙄(timing is rarely great), swatting Ji's quick little hands away from the knobs to avoid an extremely painful or unproductive experience, and later a pep rally of sorts.

The other day Ji started dancing to the rhythm of the pump and I cheered her on... "Go Ji, Go Ji!" But I didn't expect her rebuttal as she danced on.. As she two stepped in a circle, she started singing... "Go Boo Boos, Go Boo Boos"

I guess they needed the encouragement for "making pee pee milk" as she calls it?? #mommychronicles


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