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Alexa Play Bob Marley

I personally don't know how it became as serious as it is, but my children LOVE Bob Marley's music. Before this phase started, he would barely be on our playlist if ever. Furthermore, you wouldn't really call my husband a fan of his either. As for me, I'd have my moments where I'd privately listen to the Babylon By Bus album for nostalgic reasons.

However it happened, Bob Marley became a fixture in our lives. I think it started the Winter of 2017...

We were testing the speakers for a space and Stefan decided to quickly play music randomly that would be "clean and universal", which ended up being Bob Marley. In the meantime Ji was running around and stopped when she heard the "woy, yoy, yoy" in Buffalo Soldier. I really believe that the moment she was captured. Since then we've been asked to play "woy yoy" constantly. Then, I guess by the blessing/ curse of YouTube, Alexa, and Spotify, she came across other Bob Marley songs that she loved like, Jammin, Stir it Up, Could you Be Loved, and most currently No Woman No Cry and Iron, Lion, Zion. Needless to say our playlist with her is basically a Bob Marley album. She really knows the songs and renditions. Just last night I thought I introduced her to Lively Up Yourself, via my favorite live version. To MY surprise in the middle of me rocking out, she says, "OKAY Mommy, can I hear my lively self now?". I told her this is it and she says ,"No MINE". And lo and behold she wanted to hear the plain album version of the song. I didn't even know she knew it, and if I'm honest I barely heard it myself! She didn't just like to hear these songs occassionally, she wanted to hear them on repeat at any given opportunity. Then there would be random moments where she would talk about him or think about his songs. I cant remember what we were doing when she randomly told me she just loves Bob Marley and after playing one of his songs she explained that he speaks to her. I tried to decode that and still haven't learned what exactly speaks to her at this point in her 2 year old life. It's almost like he's officially one of the family members. She often asks us to draw him when we do art time and draw the rest of the family. I mean one morning while having pancakes, I took out the syrup and she started singing "Syr -eee-up come on baybah".

He's approaching Voldemort status (he who shall not be named, for the non-Harry Potter folks) where we try not to say his name for fear of a session of No Woman No Cry. And yes, I'll admit I've even told her Alexa was asleep when she wanted her to play some Bob. I mean I know everything is gonna be alright, I just don't need Bob to tell me everyday. Seriously, I dont know what it is about him and his music that draws in the children. #mommychronicles

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