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I couldn't think of a more clever title folks...Sorry.

Moment of honesty. I often drive myself crazy trying to maintain organization and tidiness in my house. It's a constant game of cleaning and having little people literally come behind me thwarting my efforts. My tiniest little human must be irritated by clean rooms because she loves to open drawers and empty its contents on the floor, often while looking dead in the eye.🙄 My first born, has the moments of madness or "toddziller" moments where she too must engage in a random act of destruction. The other day she decided to throw the socks out of the basket while her little sister frolicked about in the pile of socks. I told her to clean the mess, but for some reason unbeknownst to me, she thought I was playing with her. So, I let her know she was upsetting me and she had until the count of 5 to start cleaning. As I start counting she looks at me, points at me and says, "Mommy, it's okay..." "No it is not okay- " She continues, "I will clean it. You relax and breathe" She started to pick up the socks and said "Breathe, Mommy". I know I've asked multiple times, but seriously, who is this child? #mommychronicles


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