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I had to take a moment to talk about the untimely passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, her teammates and their parents.

Although the a lot of the world is in shock and mourning the loss of an NBA legend, what hit me the most is 5 families' lives will never be the same. What was supposed to be a trip to a travel basketball ball game turned into a tragic event.

We often take for granted the blessing of leaving our house expecting to return. To be honest this is one of my greatest fears. As a person who works 1.5hrs away from home I often think about how I would get home ASAP if tragedy were to strike. I even have moments where I find myself praying if something crazy like WWIII or something were to occur we would all be in each other's company. I think the fear of not being there for my children feeling like I am there to protect or at least comfort when I can't protect.

It's hard to watch and hear the tragic news coverage, especially knowing that people lose loved ones everyday. It forces you to recon with the fact that nothing is promised. I've seen my husband and other fathers with daughters become especially affected by this news, because they often think about the ability to protect their little girls.

There is so much to process, and to be honest I dont have many words to express it.

Right now I lift up those families, praying that they can somehow be comforted at this time. I know the pain cannot be removed, but I pray for they're strength and determination to carry on for surviving children, to uphold the legacies of those they lost and let the memories of those lives live on. How do you cope with your fears, especially when tragedy strikes?



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